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The changeset 112436350 is wrong, I did it, and after saving I understood that it was wrong.

asked 13 Oct '21, 01:58

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edited 13 Oct '21, 04:05

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perhaps I reverted it with, haven't I?

(13 Oct '21, 02:02) paolobenve

hmmm.... no... revert ui says: Job 5335 by paolobenve on 13.10, system error: 112436350

(13 Oct '21, 02:03) paolobenve

There are a lot of system errors since the 30th Sept 2021

(13 Oct '21, 03:14) nevw
(13 Oct '21, 03:19) nevw

As I understand it based on discussions on IRC, the author of that tool is well aware of the issue and is in the process of resolving it, but it's not a simple "quick fix" because the error that you're seeing is just one symptom of a few things that need to be sorted out.

(13 Oct '21, 08:55) SomeoneElse ♦

Ilya Zverev has fixed his simple-revert app now. 👏

(19 Oct '21, 20:54) nevw
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Hi, It looks like it will revert OK with JOSM. Do you want me to revert it?

permanent link

answered 13 Oct '21, 07:44

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Yes, thank you

(13 Oct '21, 09:22) paolobenve

OK. Changeset: 112436350 now completely reverted.

(13 Oct '21, 10:27) BCNorwich

Just revert it by using JOSM reverter plugin

permanent link

answered 14 Oct '21, 14:57

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