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The background, I may have what I think is a specific data privacy case.

I have many GPS traces (~500 gpx files), between 3 locations. where i live, work & remote work. Most records are 10-60Km, more than a hundred are +100K (max 800Km).

Currently on OSM, Those 3 location lack GPS traces. If I upload these traces even 'public', they will show and centralize exactly where I am based.

So to fix this, I just want to automatically cut out a GPS range (square or circle) like 1-5Km radius (like a blind area). So is there a tool, command-line preferred, that make that easy for me? Or is there other easier way around it?

I already tried GPSPrune (GUI) manually cut edges and high error sections, but that was a strenuous task. Really took me 3-4h to cleanup ±100 traces.

Also, I probably end up writing a script using gpxpy python module to delete all point in a custom range, if there is no tool yet for such specific job.

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gpsbabel ( is your friend! It has a method to "include only points within a polygon" and that has a flag that says "uh, change the logic, exclude these points please".

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answered 10 Oct '21, 12:27

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I checked its GUI before I overpass it. Surprised to how advanced its CLI ( ). Thank you.

(11 Oct '21, 08:16) Bean

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