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My task today is to learn how to add a point at a specific location using Level0.

"2. Navigate to the location of the POI in the side map, placing the marker at its place."

Can I please just be allowed to jump to 24.1798149, 120.8687728 somehow?

Can I avoid all that mousework getting there? And when I get near there it is all forest, so there is no way to tell where 24.1798149, 120.8687728 exactly is.

I'm trying to do this to accomplish .

Yes, there is a box above the map with [30,0] in it. But I recall it won't help me get to 24.1798149, 120.8687728 . Thanks.

asked 09 Oct '21, 02:50

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Do you need the map to update if you already have coordinates?

(09 Oct '21, 04:16) InsertUser

I just want to place a node at a given X,Y. As I plan to do the rest (add tags, etc.) in iD later, it doesn't matter if the level0 map updates.

(09 Oct '21, 06:34) jidanni

In my browser when I type in:

node : 24.1798149, 120.8687728

The map jumps to the location of the coordinates as I type them (once I get past the comma). Tested in Firefox and Chrome.

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answered 09 Oct '21, 04:13

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edited 09 Oct '21, 04:16

OK, pasting in "node : 24.1798149, 120.8687728" into the box marked 'URL or group of IDs like "n54,w33":' causes: "Could not parse the URL." OK maybe you meant the [30,0] box... well, the map stays on Africa, and I see a red "Add what?"

(09 Oct '21, 06:31) jidanni

I mean the big box to the left of the map where all the data would get put after loading existing objects to modify them via the "URL or... ID" box. As you are creating a new node from scratch you don't need to load existing data first, just type in what you want to add. Level0 is more a text interface to the raw data than a full editor, I suspect the map is only really there as a minor convenience and a means of sanity checking input for flipped signs etc.

(09 Oct '21, 06:51) InsertUser

Ah, the giant unnamed box! OK, I paste in "node : 24.1798149, 120.8687728" and hit the ENTER button on my keyboard, and voila, the map indeed has now moved to Asia. However the coordinates above the map are now "24.20689, 120.9375". OK, that must be some nearby corner of the map. I'll not worry about that. OK, now I'm back on track! Thanks!

(10 Oct '21, 13:01) jidanni

OK, here are the exact steps, to simply put a node, even without any tags, at an exact point using level0 !: 1. Visit . 2. Log In. 3. In the vast unnamed giant box paste "node : 24.1798149, 120.8687728" and hit ENTER on your keyboard. Now fill in the Changeset Comment, and press "Upload to OSM"! (Don't worry about the map at the right.)

(10 Oct '21, 13:13) jidanni

Just a word of warning, untagged and unreferenced nodes are likely to be deleted by someone looking at the data in QA tools as they contain no useful information. Looking up tags in the wiki is more of a pain than the presets from the major editors, but even just a top level tag to be refined later is considerably better form.

(10 Oct '21, 21:18) InsertUser

Don't worry. The naked node will be that way only for a few minutes: from its birth in level0, till when I find it in iD.

(Also it is rather violent for me to dispose of it once its mission is accomplished. But alas converting it into a line or area is more complicated. But if I am creating a simple point then I can simply add tags, and it can live on.)

(11 Oct '21, 07:57) jidanni
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