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A bit of background - I'm keeping an eye on accidental breakages of some long distance paths in the UK as described here. I've recently noticed that the results of

SELECT count(*) FROM planet_osm_line WHERE (osm_id = '-112695');

has gone up from 41 to 42 in the last 24 hours. That relation is the Midshires Way. I can see how many pieces it is really in by using this external relation analyser, but I don't want to use that more than I have to to avoid a significant load on an external site. I can look at the relation history in OSM and externally, and I can see that the relation itself has not changed; the change must have been to one of the constituent ways in the relation.

How can I easily see which ways that make up a relation have been recently changed, preferably using something I can install and run locally?

What I normally do is to look at the graphs in the graph from osmsurround and go through them one by one, but with a relation in many pieces, that's a lot of work. I can see 7 "obvious" gaps to fill in; the breakages range from 11 months to 6 years ago. None seem to be more recent than that.

asked 07 Oct '21, 13:48

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One method that does work of course is to "manually look at each of the 964 ways in the relation and see what was updated recently".

I've just done that for the first 40 or so and found a changeset that I think introduced the break that I'm looking for.

The question still stands though - clearly manually checking 964 relation way components (or writing a script to do it) is harder work than necessary of something already exists.

(07 Oct '21, 13:58) SomeoneElse ♦

Not really an answer, but perhaps using an OSH file, osmosis-tool & the OPL format may work. I've not tried keeping an OSH file up-to-date with changes which would meet the "install & run locally" criterion.

Perhaps Overpass offers something, this is an attempt to do a daily diff on the relation , but I'm sure there are multiple other ways.

(07 Oct '21, 21:29) SK53 ♦

Overpass does allow examination of what has changed between two dates. For Midshires Way this looks like this (also below). Changed allows two dates so changes in a specific period can be filtered.

rel(112695); // Midshires Way
(._;>>;); // recurse down for relation members
way._(changed:"2021-10-06T07:00:00Z"); // only select ways which have changed since 6 October
(._;>;); // get geometry of the ways
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answered 08 Oct '21, 10:33

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