I would like to fix broken URLs in the source tag of many objects and also include a "GPS;" prefix. I will need to change the domain name and insert the prefix. This is not something that can be done with the simple UI editor of Id or JOSM.

Is there a way (JOSM?) to edit objects manually using text manipulation (.osm extension?) before uploading them to OSM?

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curious: What is a "GPS" prefix in an URL?

And a thought: Does it make sense to update source tags at all, where we usually tag the sources to the changesets nowadays?

(26 Sep, 19:27) TZorn

what about you:

  • download the data into JOSM,
  • save the data in an .osm file,
  • edit it with your favourite text editor (or even through sed -i),
  • reload into JOSM,
  • upload to OSM?
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answered 26 Sep, 13:32

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I've never used it myself, but Level0 editor was made for that kind of operation I think.


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answered 26 Sep, 14:22

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I also keep hearing about this "level0" and I still can't decide I should try it out. ;-)

(26 Sep, 18:52) mariotomo

If the objects you want to modify have some common tag, and others have not: - Download area of interest to JOSM. - Search all objects after the unique property. - Select all found objects. - Change the tag/tags. (Which mean all the found objects are changed simultaneously). - Upload

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answered 28 Sep, 08:00

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