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Some areas are not generating on my local overpass server. This results in queries using "is_in" and "map_to_area" not giving the proper results. One such area is the area corresponding to this relation (Nicaragua province, NI-AS). Running an "is_in" query with features inside of this province does not return the area, and "map_to_area" using that relation does not return an area either.

The area creation script ran without error and there's many other areas that are working fine, so I'm lost as to why this area would not exist for me. I don't think this is due to any broken geometry of the relation either, since it does not show up as such.

I've tried re-running the area creation script and downloading an extract of Nicaragua and applying it to the database, neither of which did anything. Here's the query that I've been running as I've tried to fix this (gives proper results using a public server but no results on my private one):

out geom;

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

asked 24 Sep '21, 21:34

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It's unclear what your problem is. What output are you expecting, & what are you receiving?

out geom;


out geom;

both return the data below, as expected, using OPT.

alt text

This returns the geometry

out geom;
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answered 25 Sep '21, 15:40

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Sorry if it was unclear, I'm saying that the above queries return nothing on my local server and I don't know how to fix it. The reason for this, I assume, is that the area for NI-AS does not exist on my local server.

(27 Sep '21, 16:56) nbreden

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