I have a former bank branch office in the area that was closed down but still offers ATM and other self service activities like account statement printing and a post box from the same place. Should this be changed from amenity=bank to amenity=atm or should the state better be represented as amenity=bank with opening hours of 24/7 closed - which might confuse people regarding the status of the ATM?

asked 24 Sep '21, 14:52

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I would recommend against keeping it as amenity=bank and setting it to always closed. If a data consumer doesn't utilize the opening_hours tag (the main OSM map rendering is one example), this tagging would make it look like an active bank.

IMO, you should change the bank to closed:amenity=bank, so other mappers can see the status and won't inadvertently re-map the bank as being open. You can then add new nodes for the amenity=atm and amenity=post_box. Maybe also add a note to the ATM for the benefit of other mappers explaining that the ATM is still operational, even though the bank isn't.

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answered 24 Sep '21, 17:20

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I take it by post box you mean a place for delivering letters intended for the bank, not a post box offering a generic postal collection. Please don't use amenity=post_box for such things. I think letter_box is sometimes used for delivery points.

(24 Sep '21, 18:07) SK53 ♦
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