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Thank you very much for your time trying to help me.

I have a Garmin Dakota 20. And all I want to do is put a map in it that will allow the GPS to say, turn left, right, go forward, etc. You know, like car GPS do.

I've read a great deal but can't seem to find my way. Some paths I've taken led to options wherein what I want is not free. So paths, simply never got me to what I want.

I hope you can nudge me in the right 'free' path to find an answer to what seem a very simple question :)

Thanks a lot.

asked 22 Sep '21, 23:04

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I'm not a Garmin user myself these days, but this page indicates that there has been general success with your model.

Premade maps of regions are available from the sources listed here. Note that the site has been unreliable enough recently to generate quite a few questions on this help site, so you may wish to try another provider first.

I have not tried their Garmin maps, but I have found's other offerings quite useful for custom areas. They offer several Garmin map styles.

If you would like to generate your own files or need instructions on how to transfer them to your device I think this page is probably the place to start.

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answered 23 Sep '21, 03:49

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