I had imported some .KMZ files using JOSM. It unfortunately had a file path C://Docs//Name//...... in one of the tag fields key: path

I removed them, but they still show up in history. Is there a way to remove this field alone?

asked 22 Sep '21, 20:59

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Do you mean "some history viisble with JOSM itself"? If so, only you can see that. If you are also NMD10S on the main site, then rest assured I can't see anything listed under your account at all.

(22 Sep '21, 21:29) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse No, I'm not. For instance, if you check the "View History" of this changeset, one of the fields in Version #1 shows key: path, which contains the upload file path with the name. Wonder if I could remove that from history.


(22 Sep '21, 22:01) NMD10S

Yes, you can arrange for that to be removed. Send an email to the Data Working Group (data@openstreetmap.org) and they can redact that information from the history.

Please include in your email which tags you want to be removed from which objects.

-- Andy (from the Data Working Group)

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answered 22 Sep '21, 22:09

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SomeoneElse ♦
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@SomeoneElse Thank you so much! I'll follow up with the same.

(22 Sep '21, 22:33) NMD10S
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