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What is the proper way to tag playground equipment (inside a leisure=park area)?

leisure=playground and playground=swing or seesaw or slide or etc. on the node correct?.

asked 21 Sep '21, 18:24

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edited 23 Sep '21, 10:36

I suspect it's mostly a tile caching problem.

(23 Sep '21, 10:38) SomeoneElse ♦

I'll leave it and check next week.

(23 Sep '21, 10:41) arkriger

(You are asking for combinations of leisure=park + playground=* but in your example the nodes have leisure=playground + playground=*, so I assume you meant to ask for the latter.)

I don't usually tag playground equipment but I did a bit of reading. I think the intention of the original proposal for playground=* was that it is used as a primary key, i.e. without a leisure=playground. And that is also what is implicitly stated on the key's wiki page.

What seems to create some confusion is that in many cases we follow a tagging scheme A=B and B=C. This is why people keep mapping leisure=playground + playground=xyz. I would promot the idea, though, that leisure=playground is only mapped once on the surrounding area or as a single node in the center.

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answered 22 Sep '21, 21:27

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  • Yes I meant: leisure=playground + playground=xyz ~ I've changed it.

Without the leisure=playground playground=xyz does not render in a leisure=park area. See here.

The playground=xyz in Woodstock Town Hall Park does not render whereas Fairview Road Park does.

But each equipment is now a leisure=playground.
It might be best to do as you say. One node leisure=playground and a node for each equipment playground=xyz.

You've been very helpful. Thank you.

(23 Sep '21, 10:29) arkriger

One node leisure=playground and a node for each equipment playground=xyz.

Assuming you mean "One way leisure=playground and a node for each equipment playground=xyz", that makes sense.

(23 Sep '21, 14:08) SomeoneElse ♦

The standard map on does not render everything. It only renders the most common objects. It does not render leisure=playground at all. What you see in Fairview Road Park is the rendering of the leisure=playground nodes.

There may be specialized maps that do render equipment. "Babykarte" does not render equipment on the base map either but you can activate a layer to show them and see what it is in a pop-up.

(23 Sep '21, 14:16) TZorn

Hi Tzorn, it might be a bit of micro mapping, but it should be possible to be specific since not all the playgrounds are meant for the same kids of ages. And no, I’ve never noticed a signpost with ages as admission rules at a playground. You’ll never know what the kids want to play with.:-) IMHO it is logic to be playground specific and point, sandpits, hopscotch, climb & slide or marble pits. Without attention for the specific surfaces used at playgrounds such as grass, rubber or any other pavement even partly when rubber is applied at a swing & climb.

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answered 23 Sep '21, 11:07

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By all means. I'm not against mapping 50 different nodes (or areas) with playground=xyz if there are so many different play structures. And if one half of the playground is grass covered and the other with sand you are free to map two adjacent leisure=playground areas with differing surface tags.

I'm just saying the leisure=playground should not be applied to all of the 50 nodes. Just apply common sense. Standing at the bottom of the slide would you say "I go over to that other playground" or would you say "I go over to the swings"?

In the OP's example you can perfectly surround the area with the play equipment with a leisure=playground or if you don't want to add a playground overlapping with the park you can just add one node with leisure=playground at the approximate center.

(23 Sep '21, 13:54) TZorn

if a leisure=playground area is clearly delineated inside a leisure=park:
map the way leisure=playground and a node for each equipment playground=xyz

drop one node leisure=playground and a node for each equipment playground=xyz

Clarity. Thank you.

(23 Sep '21, 16:11) arkriger

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