Frost Buster

I wrongly tagged this object with:

  generator:method = wind_turbine
  generator:source = wind
  generator:type = horizontal_axis
  height:hub = 8
  power = generator
  rotor:diameter = 4

Of course, generator tags are wrong: any suggestion?

asked 21 Sep, 08:15

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Why are generator tags wrong? What does this actually do?

(21 Sep, 12:27) InsertUser

This thing prevents frost on crops, like here:

(21 Sep, 13:14) TZorn

There is a man_made=frost_fan tag used nearly 500 times in agricultural areas of New Zealand.

permanent link

answered 22 Sep, 13:28

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I'd probably tag it as man_made=mast only. If you like you can add some of the tower:*=* tags described in the wiki. Maybe add tower:type=agricultural.

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answered 21 Sep, 08:41

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I've seen tower:type=cooling (for oil refineries, I guess)

I'm tempted by tower:type=blowing

(21 Sep, 09:01) Cascafico
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