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I currently have a satellite tile server based on an mbtiles file, and I also have a normal openstreetmap tile server with the normal carto styling.

But I want to make my openstreetmap tiles as a layer over my satellite layer. So I guess I need to change the style.css of my osm tile server so it only contains labels so I can use it as a layer over my satellite layer.

However, I can't really find any concrete examples and I can't find my way in the carto styling as it really is complex.

So are there any carto styling "templates" which I could use so that my tile server only offers transparent label-only tiles? Or is there another (easy) way to just have "label" tiles?

My satellite tile server is running with

My OSM tile server is setup using the following tutorial: How to Set Up OpenStreetMap Tile Server on Ubuntu 20.04.

asked 20 Sep '21, 14:05

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See here for a bit more detail, but the important information is:

"... Next the style needed to be changed so that boundaries were displayed over transparent tiles. This was done by changing water-color and land-color in style.mss to “rgba(0,0,0,0)” in each case."

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answered 20 Sep '21, 14:43

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I've never set up a tile server myself but what SomeoneElse describes in his blog and the example page he links to from there looks exactly like what you are asking for. So I wonder why you voted down the answer, @KoenMlt, not even leaving a comment.

(20 Sep '21, 15:18) TZorn

Oh crap my bad, thank you for letting me know. Was a bit too quick and missed the "Mark as answer" button. I corrected it.

(20 Sep '21, 15:36) KoenMlt

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