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I have been mapping my village in France and got all the roads done so started adding buildings. In Potlatch2 the satellite picture is not very clear and at least eight years old. So I set about adding the buildings mostly as simple rectangles with some additions of recent buildings. This is quite laborious so I left it a few days and went back to it tonight.

I can't believe what has happened, most of the buildings I put in have changed into beautifully edited complex shapes and they a very accurate to. Even my house, entered as a simple rectangle is showing minor details that are completely invisible from the satellite picture.

I can only think some other person has done this but I don't feel convinced that is the explanation because most of this area is almost completely UN-mapped. How can this be? Newbie naturally.

asked 27 Sep '11, 21:14

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The Scarecrow
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You haven't mentioned where your village is, but could this be related to the Cadastre import?

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answered 27 Sep '11, 21:20

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68720 Illfurth, France

(27 Sep '11, 21:22) The Scarecrow

If you click the + top right on the main map view, you can then select the data layer and select individual items to see the details. Buildings in that area do seem to be from cadastre, such as

(27 Sep '11, 21:29) EdLoach ♦

You will have to bare with me here, this is a bit like just discovering the wheel for the first time. I'm stunned but don’t know anything about this.

(27 Sep '11, 21:41) The Scarecrow

Read also

and don't hesitate to contact the french community directly by e.g. subscribing the mailing list (see also We are a lot of "contributeurs" who will happily answer your questions in mother tongue)

(27 Sep '11, 23:49) Pieren

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