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I'd like to add a node (city centre) as a relation (admin_centre) to an administrative boundary, with JOSM, but how?

This question was previously asked (and answered) here, but that only answered the part for the online website editor.

asked 14 Sep '21, 22:33

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This should be relatively straightforward in JOSM:

  1. Select a way that forms part of the existing relation. You should then see the boundary relation under "Member of" in the Tags/Memberships pane.
  2. Right clicking on the boundary relation listing you should be able to select an option to Edit the relation. This should open a window with the title "Edit relation #...".
  3. Select the node to be designated the admin centre in the main window it will appear in the selection list at the bottom right of the Relation window.
  4. Select the node in the selection list in the relations window.
  5. Use the top button immediately to the left of the selection list to push the node onto the list of elements for the relation at the left and manually enter admin_centre as the role.

More information on the relation editor can be found in the online help. There is also a completely different workflow using the Relation Toolbox Plugin if you have that installed.

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answered 15 Sep '21, 01:55

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Excellent extensive explanation, thank you!

On my system the "Edit Relation" window of JOSM opens and replaces the content of the main window, so I had to use a workaround. I had to select both the boundary and the admin_centre and then open the edit relation mode. Then I can add 'all' relations (no possibility of selecting just one), then JOSM gives a circular dependency warning and skips adding the boundary (which is great), and then it adds the admin_centre and then I can give it the proper role. If you have a way to get JOSM running as you describe, I'm interested (since it sounds more useful).

(15 Sep '21, 09:57) Seb

I don't think I did anything to get JOSM to do this in multiple windows. I think you may be experiencing a bug.

The only workaround I can suggest is to use the Relation Toolbox plugin which only occupies a single pane on the same side menu as the tags. The steps are broadly similar, but once a relation is selected you add the new element with the plus button in the pane and select the role from a dropdown menu.

(15 Sep '21, 12:27) InsertUser

Thanks, got it :)

(15 Sep '21, 16:04) Seb

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