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I have done all the steps as described in this guide and confirmed that it works fine.
Note that since is down, I have replaced the relevant part of external-data.yml with the following description.

I would like to use the Positoron style for my basemap. I downloaded the style sheet from here and rewrote /usr/local/etc/renderd.conf.




When I start the renderd daemon and try to access http://myhost/hot/0/0/0.png, I just get a gray image and it does not render correctly.
When I try to access the site again after some time has passed, I just get a gray image.
There are no errors in the renderd daemon log.
In the /var/lib/mod_tile/ajt/ directory, a .meta file has been created.

renderd[58068]: DEBUG: Got incoming connection, fd 5, number 1
renderd[58068]: DEBUG: Got incoming request with protocol version 2
renderd[58068]: DEBUG: Got command RenderPrio fd(5) xml(ajt), z(0), x(0), y(0), mime(image/png), options()
renderd[58068]: DEBUG: START TILE ajt 0 0-0 0-0, new metatile
renderd[58068]: Rendering projected coordinates 0 0 0 -> -20037508.342800|-20037508.342800 20037508.342800|20037508.342800 to a 1 x 1 tile
renderd[58068]: DEBUG: DONE TILE ajt 0 0-0 0-0 in 0.005 seconds
debug: Creating and writing a metatile to /var/lib/mod_tile/ajt/0/0/0/0/0/0.meta

renderd[58068]: DEBUG: Sending render cmd(3 ajt 0/0/0) with protocol version 2 to fd 5
renderd[58068]: DEBUG: Connection 0, fd 5 closed, now 0 left

Please let me know what action I have to take in order to use Positoron style.

asked 10 Sep '21, 09:39

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I'd be surprised if you can use that as a "drop in replacement" like that. Someone did ask about it over at a while back but didn't get an answer.

(10 Sep '21, 10:50) SomeoneElse ♦

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NOTICE: is no longer in use from 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum