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All the popular topo maps (Cycle Map, CyclOSM, OpenTopoMap etc.) come together with contours AND hillshading. I'm looking for a way to "turn off" hillshades... and can't find it. Does somebody know a good map without such a questionnable feature? I've already checked https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Hiking_Maps list.

Osmand has hillshades as an optional overlay, as well as contours, so it is technically possible.

asked 08 Sep '21, 09:18

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These are all raster layers so the choice by the creators' to use both contours & hillshading is what you get. Note that many professional topomaps have both hillshading & contours (e.g., SwissTopo. IGN Top25 etc), so it may more what you are used to. ALso hillshading is usually based on SRTM data which may be too coarse for some features.

(08 Sep '21, 12:36) SK53 ♦


...in your choice of app (phone app like Locus Map, or desktop app like Cruiser). It'll be the app that provides the shading, if desired.

Locus also has their own maps for their app, same result.

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answered 16 Sep '21, 16:45

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