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Why is Brussels in the flemish Community ? In fact Brussels is a separate region in Belgium and is part of the french community. Big error !

asked 27 Sep '11, 09:18

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I think Brussels is a disputed area between French and Flemish communities in Belgium. An edit war is higly probable as many other disputed political areas in the world (but this is one of the most sensible in Europe today).

(27 Sep '11, 12:51) Pieren

As far as I can see, Brussels is in the French Community as well as being it's own region.

It does get a mention in the Flemish Community relation too as the administrative centre. Is this not the case?

Searching for Brussels on the main site returns "Brussels, French Community, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium, Europe" as the top result.

Edit: Having done a bit of reading in wikipedia, I think the issue might be that the region boundary ways should also be in the Flemish Community relation with roles of inner (to exclude the area from the Flemish Community). The node can remain as the administrative centre though as that does seem to be correct.

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answered 27 Sep '11, 10:14

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actually, Brussels belongs to both Communities (Flemish and French) and, as you say, it is also a Region of its own. In Belgium, Region and Community are two distinct kinds of "administrative entities", and yes, in the case of Belgium there are overlaps between them.

In short: 3 Regions :
- Flemish (Flanders only, without Brussels)
- Walloon (French+German parts of Belgium without Brussels)
- Brussels
+ 3 Communities:
- Flemish (Flanders + Brussels)
- French (French part of Walloon Region + Brussels)
- German (German part of Walloon Region)

(01 Oct '11, 13:37) Chninkel

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