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What are the best practices for mapping an all-way stop intersection? I've seen where the stop is a single shared node for all the ways at the intersection and I've also seen a separate stop for each way usually at the point of the stop sign or crosswalk. I'm wondering primarily about stop signs but do the same rules apply for traffic signals?

Single node stop Muti-stop intersection

asked 30 Aug '21, 00:54

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The stop page on the wiki is rather firm on the mapping of all way stops, although the degree to which mappers agree with the wiki is a little variable. There are supplementary traffic signs tags if you would like to map the sign separately in this instance (same again for stop lines).

The various accepted traffic light tagging methods are described here.

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answered 30 Aug '21, 03:10

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The section isn't really reasonable on duplicating highway=stop on intersection and stop line. This is akin to violating One Feature One Object.

(30 Aug '21, 04:56) Kovoschiz

Where does it recommend duplicate tagging? The all way stop section says don't remove the tag on the intersection and recommends traffic_sign=* for the individual stop positions.

(30 Aug '21, 11:52) InsertUser

The text is a bit ambigues. I also read it as Kovoschiz:

"All-way stops should ALWAYS be shown using highway=stop at the intersection node. If you also want to add the individual stopping points, say for use by a safety app (so that the exact stopping points have been recorded) do NOT remove the intersection node highway=stop, which confirms that this junction is an all-way stop." -> It says not to remove the intersection node but to also add nodes at the stopping points. Here there is no mention of traffic sign so I would assume higway=stop is meant.

"If you want to show that the stop line highway=stop nodes are marked with traffic signs, use the traffic_sign=* tag to indicate a physical sign, painted line or an implied stop such as a driveway." -> and here the highway=stop nodes (plural) at the stop lines are mentioned explicitly.

(30 Aug '21, 13:03) TZorn

I also find the stop page to be ambiguous (per Kovoschiz) on the point of keeping the intersecting node highway=stop and adding (what seems to me) the redundant highway=stop to the individual stop positions. So for now I'm going to be conservative and just method to mark the intersecting node with highway=stop and not mark the individual stops.

A follow-up question regarding how to mark the single intersecting node, I see that the stop page mentions the option of adding stop=all to that node, but I'm also seeing intersections tagged direction=both instead of stop=all. Could someone add some clarity to that? Would one ever use both tags; stop=all and direction=both? That seems redundant to me.

(30 Aug '21, 16:34) mccarbc

I hadn't seen the combination stop=all + direction=both before, so I just went to find some. The cases I found were all three- or four-way intersections. IMO, direction=both makes no semantic sense in this context. "Both" directions implies both forward and backward. When tagged on an intersecting node with three four possible directions, the tag doesn't provide anything useful. The only reason I can think of for using direction=both on a highway=stop is in the middle of a way where both forward and backward directions are required to stop (maybe for a footway crossing), though such a case would probably be better represented by two separate highway=stop each with the correct direction.

I would consider it redundant.

(30 Aug '21, 17:23) alester

=traffic_signals and all-way =stop are similar. Changing from tagging on intersection to the stop line is basically iterative refinement, adding increasing details with each edit. If you have time, you are very welcomed and encouraged to draw the point of the stopping.

If you want to map these crosswalks which have no set-back from the intersection and stop line, it's also more logical to represent the =stop at the stop line to present a correct order on the road.

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answered 30 Aug '21, 05:00

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