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I'm running a local OSM tile server, and I can pre-render tiles which are loaded without any problems on my leaflet site.

But whenever I zoom into a level which has not been pre-rendered, I immediately receive a 404...

But when I check the error logs of apache2, I keep seeing the same error over and over again:

Load (13.230000) larger max_load_missing (5). Return HTTP_NOT_FOUND.

So I guess it takes 13,23 seconds to load something, but it's larger than the allowed 5 seconds or something?

I might be reading this completely incorrect, but I'm stuck anyhow... So would anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong?

I'm running the tile server on an Azure VM (Ubuntu 20.04) w/ 8 CPU and 32GB RAM - With renderd

Thank you.

asked 26 Aug '21, 15:48

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Without more information (e.g. what software you are actually running) it'll be very difficult for anyone to usefully comment.

What I'd suggest you do is to restart Apache and renderd (or whatever you're using) and watch the renderd logs after you restart it, once you make a single high-zoom tile request. If it's renderd you should see "START TILE" and "DONE TILE" wherever it writes its logs. The length of time for a single high-zoom request might help show what is actually wrong (e.g. missing indexes).

(26 Aug '21, 16:00) SomeoneElse ♦

The "load" is a metric commonly used on Unix systems to reflect the number of processes either keeping a CPU busy or waiting for access to a CPU. While a load of 13 doesn't mean much on a 64-core server, on a 4-core system it will mean that things are getting a bit cramped. The Unix command top will show you the processes that use most CPU. mod_tile is configured to not even attempt the rendering of a new tile when the load is above 5. While you could change that setting to, say, 20 in order to force it to render tiles on high load, this would likely only lead to long waiting times and timeouts until you find and remedy the cause of the high system load.

(26 Aug '21, 16:08) Frederik Ramm ♦

@SomeoneElse I added some more info

(27 Aug '21, 07:05) KoenMlt

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