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I want to put a marker for every customer in our customer database on a map using OSM with PHP and JavaScript. How can I do this? Is it possible to get the location for the customers without having the latitude and longitude for the addresses?

greetz ronnie

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No matter how many times you keep prodding this to appear on the front page, you're unlikely to get any more answers!

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It is certainly possible to place markers on a map using OpenLayers. Have a look at the Dynamic POI example in our wiki.

However for that you need to have the latitude and longitude of each point. If you lack that you can use Nominatim to geocode the address information that you have and convert it into an usable format.

In the end you are going to need a bit of programming skill or you'll need to pay somebody to do the coding for you as there is no readymade solution that accepts a list of addresses and automatically plots them.

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answered 26 Sep '11, 15:15

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Sure there is, you can use Nominatim for obtaining latitude and longitude as already mentioned by petschge.

(26 Sep '11, 15:52) scai ♦

That would be very inefficient as every request to draw the marker at a given address would need to resolve it to lat/long instead of doing it once and storing lat/long in the database.

(26 Sep '11, 22:21) petschge

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