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How would I tag a University shuttle (students and staff) service?

I've only added one master route with its associated relations thus far.
The entire network is more comprehensive.

Is school=yes sufficient? or is there a more specific tag?

asked 21 Aug '21, 12:06

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This is an aspect of public transport which is definitely undermapped. There was quite a detailed breakdown written a few years ago, which was never taken forward: This is probably the best place to start.

The only tag which seems to be in use is public_transport:type, which may be a little general (how many school only trains or tram services exist?).

'school=yes' is a poorly defined tag & I would avoid it, and definitely if it is for a university.

At least here (Nottingham) we have the following university associated services:

  • Numbered stopping services between & within campuses & also the centre of the city. Provided by the University, and using regular public service bus stops.
  • Shuttle services between large srudent acocmmodation sites (student villages) provided by the acoomodation provider.
  • Long distance shuttles between the main campus & an outlying campus 15 kilometres away. Provided by the university. (These look closest to your example)

I'm also aware of universities which are slightly remote from railway stations have a dedicated shuttle for that purpose (Edge Hill University in Ormskirk), which might be a different type of service again.

Essentially these services are access=private, in the same way as workplace shuttle buses. I think suitable operator or brand tags are important (and some judicious choice may be needed if the university sub-contracts out the service, but brands it & provision is via a university card).

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answered 21 Aug '21, 13:14

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access=private it is.

Thank you.

(21 Aug '21, 19:24) arkriger

There's a random university=yes in some limited use.

public_transport:type= is not good, same for its exclusive=yes.

(22 Aug '21, 10:27) Kovoschiz

access=private with university=yes.

Thank you.

(22 Aug '21, 13:45) arkriger

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