My query is to the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park article on the English Wikipedia. Despite Relation: Rockingham Lakes Regional Park (6988589) having the correct Wikidata connection to Q75974931 the map is not displaying in the article. I have compared it to the Beeliar Regional Park English Wikipedia article (linked in Relation: Beeliar Regional Park (12893898) to Wikidata item Q21970741), where the relevant map displays correctly but can't see a fundamental difference on OSM. The only possible explanation that I could come up with is that Q75974931 is linked to more then one OSM item and thereby causing a conflict but I don't know how to search for such a conflict, if it does exist. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

asked 19 Aug, 15:09

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Hi. The park is present in OSM and also shows up on the map embedded in its Wikidata page. You should ask this question to the Wikipedia community.

(19 Aug, 20:57) TZorn

I don't think it is a Wikipedia issue. What you are referring to on Wikidata is the map in coordinate location which is just simply created by the coordinates in there. It is a separate feature from displaying the map with boundaries on the article page.

(20 Aug, 03:23) Calistemon

I don't follow. Do you see anything wrong with Rockingham Lakes Regional Park on If so tell us what.

The talk page of the Mapframe template is full of bug reports like yours. I would check there first how OSM data is retrieved and used.

(20 Aug, 09:11) TZorn

Because the issue is not limited to the mapframe template. If I substitute it for Infobox Australian place which (to my knowledge) does not use the mapframe template, I still don't get the map to display. And because it also exists in the Jandakot Regional Park article. It may be a Wikipedia issue, it might be a Wikidata issue or it could be an OSM issue. I can't spot anything wrong with the first two and I lack the experience to interrogate the third, so I came here to see if anybody has any ideas on this end.

(20 Aug, 14:56) Calistemon

The wikidata item you mention only occurs once according to taginfo.

I don't know how sensitive the wikipedia map tool is to invalid polygons, but there is a small chance the touching rings may be an issue.

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answered 19 Aug, 16:40

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Thank you for checking the tag, at least that eliminates one potential issue. It is definitely an OSM issue, as I can make the Beeliar Regional Park map appear on the Rockingham page on show preview. The Jandakot Regional Park has a similar issue, the map won't display either when I try, despite the correct link in Relation: Jandakot Regional Park (3481030). It is a real shame as these OSM maps add great value but, if I can't get them to work I will have to remove them from the article. Thank you for looking into it!

(20 Aug, 03:19) Calistemon

I've unglued those polygons (there's a road between them; I think the boundaries of both bits of the park should be either side of the road anyway). Let's see if that makes a difference.

(20 Aug, 06:25) samwilson

Just as an update, I did not check the Rockingham Lakes article for quite a while but eventually went back in early October at the OSM map was displaying correctly again. I have no clue as to what fixed the issue but fixed it is.

(20 Oct, 06:52) Calistemon
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