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How would you map a ring video doorbell ( and or other video/surveillance doorbells?

asked 10 Aug '21, 03:24

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I have been adding surveillance cameras to the map as [Points] Surveillance Type: Camera Mount Type: (Doorbell for Ring). When I know they employ facial recognition, I add that to the description.

Developers of mapping apps such as #Organicmaps have expressed interest in adding this to the display. Remember the main feature that made Waze popular was the identification of speed traps. These face traps will help us know where to avoid or approach with a paper bag over head. Keep adding!

(10 Aug '21, 21:12) kringle

Personally I would map it the same way as I'd map any doorbell, i.e. not at all.

However, I'm still at the "how do you get to an address" level of mapping, and haven't yet (generally) progressed to mapping "how do you get in" or whether the occupants might spot you arriving.

Having said that, taginfo finds 222 instances of camera:mount=doorbell, so I suspect you would want to add surveillance related tags to the adjacent door node (not sure you'd need a separate node for something as small as a doorbell).

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answered 10 Aug '21, 10:11

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I'm probably at the same level of mapping as EdLoach. :-)

I would probably only map those cameras if the surveillance area reaches into the street. Otherwise I would see them as private matter of the resident. We don't map the color of the drapes either.

(10 Aug '21, 10:23) TZorn

"Otherwise I would see them as private matter of the resident" I totally agree with you, and I personally don't map residential cctv for this reason. I asked this as I have seen an instance of "camera:mount=doorbell" or something similar and was generally just curies if it was actually a thing or not as I didn't see any documentation on it.

(10 Aug '21, 12:28) BunnyFluff

Not sure about that. The house opposite has cctv, but it is used by the landlord to surveil the tenants (more or less illegal, but there it is). In this case I think mapping it as outdoor surveillance would be appropriate (especially as it also lacks the mandatory signage as well).

(10 Aug '21, 21:16) SK53 ♦

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