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Hi all,

I have an issue with instagram geolocation missing a correct destination of my cake shop. I've tried adding it by placing note as an anonymous user and then verifying it with my account: opened ticket

However, I am not sure what would be my next step, and where I can check whether my shop location has been added properly? I guess that it will directly reflect instagram's geolocation algorithm.

Thank you!

asked 08 Aug '21, 20:40

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Thank you all! I managed to add a location with Mapcomplete theme. We have contacted Instagram even before figuring out that they might be using openstreetmap as their map engine, however no official response from them.

Now, with the cake shop being placed on the map I will contact Instagram again! Thank you very much.

(09 Aug '21, 10:49) Galilej25

For the avoidance of doubt "the cake shop being placed on the [OpenStreetMap] map" has very little relevance to Instagram/Facebook. Their "places" data is compiled separately from OpenStreetMap.

(09 Aug '21, 10:52) SomeoneElse ♦

You have essentially marked the note as resolved, but from your question I don't think this is really the case.

OpenStreetMap has amenity types for shop=pastry and shop=bakery. I'm not sure from you description which best matches your shop. The easiest thing from an OSM perspective is probably to add it yourself using the iD (default) editor now that you have an account.

After selecting edit, the two amenity types mentioned above are shown as options if you add a point for your shop at the correct location and search for "cake" in the new panel on the left.

Alternately there is a Mapcomplete theme that may be suitable for this, and has an opening hours editor. You will need to authorise it to access your OSM account before you can edit with it.

As far as Instagram goes, I have seen previous responses on this site that they don't necessarily take business information from OpenStreetMap even though they use it for their background, so you may have to go through a separate process with them directly. OpenStreetMap is used by a variety of maps and apps, so it may still be a useful place to be listed even if Instagram doesn't import it.

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answered 09 Aug '21, 00:04

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From some of the pictures on the wordpress site it might even be shop=confectionery.

(09 Aug '21, 00:40) InsertUser

I guess that it will directly reflect instagram's geolocation algorithm.

Although Instagram (and Facebook) do display background maps that are derived from OpenStreetMap data, Instagram (and Facebook) seem to use their own "places" data which doesn't get updated in the same way that you have just done with OpenStreetMap's data. If you want Instagram to update your business location, you'll need to talk to them about it.

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answered 09 Aug '21, 01:16

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