Starting from Aug 6th, a new state regulation will be applied for entering public areas.

In public amenities like

  • swimming pools
  • libraries
  • museums
  • archeological sites

people without "green pass" certification (which certify he/her has been vaccinated or tested C19 negative) will be denied admission by law.

For other facilities/leisures like associations and foundations it is up to management apply such access criteria.

How to tag these cases?

  • access=greenpass/green_pass
  • access:greenpass/green_pass=yes
  • [...]

asked 05 Aug, 13:34

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Since this is a fairly new topic and potentially controversial I believe it is beyond the scope of this help site. Please take your question to the tagging mailing list. Maybe it has even already been discussed there.

(05 Aug, 13:54) TZorn

Cannot find "green pass" nor "greenpass" in tagging ML; thanks for suggestion, message sent.

(06 Aug, 08:06) Cascafico

There is a well-established protocol of using keys with *:covid19 added for potentially short-lived covid pandemic related features.

If it is deemed appropriate to tag such things (one may be able to simply identify them by POI type) I would recommend such an approach. There are already over 6000 instances of access:covid19, most with yes as a value. For a green pass I would suggest possibly something like permit as the value.

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answered 06 Aug, 18:21

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Now the same criteria goes for selected cities in Brazil and some other places, so is using access:covid19 still the recommendation?

(08 Sep, 22:30) pedroasmribeiro
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