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There is a regular golf course, 18 hole or 9 hole where one needs to use a driving club (and even may have a separate driving range for practice), miniature golf where it's all about putting challenges with a putter club, but what about simulated golf?

Even simulated golf seems to have two types: ones that are completely computer driven where there's no "normal" golf ball (and thus small building is sufficient; example: X-Golf), and there are even half computer driven. These types you drive a real ball into netting that's actually several hundred yards away and a computer will compute where your ball went, so you still choose and feel your real club hitting a real ball, but the course and everything else is simulated (example: TopGolf). This type, it almost feels like real golf without the walking. As there is real netting and there is a "real" course for the ball to fly, this can take several acres of land but nowhere near as much as a real golf course.

I suspect these two should get iD templates at some point as they are chain businesses (X-Golf and TopGolf). As far as I know they're probably the only two businesses out there dealing with golf simulations but there's currently inconsistent tagging for these - they're clearly not real golf courses and also definitely not miniature golf in the normal sense...

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  1. leisure=amusement_arcade? sport=golf may still be appropriate for simulations.
  2. With =minature_golf there's still a small course, so definitely not that. It's like a golf=driving_range, without a proper leisure=golf_course, that's more of a game. I casually searched, and see a few tagged as leisure=sports_centre.
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@Kovoschiz amusement arcade is roughly an en-gb synonym of adult_gaming_centre (roughly because at least in UK they do (did?) contain coin slot games which can be used by children

(31 Jul '21, 17:49) SK53 ♦

Indeed you can search for "topgolf" in nominatim and people are tagging this chain business all sorts of different ways despite their layout between franchises are pretty much the same - looks like a tall rectangular building whose broad side is facing a driving range. X-Golf franchisees seem to have a bit more flexibility on how they are put together as it's all indoors in a building.

For one thing I will need to fix the one X-Golf that I put in, leisure=golf_course now seems quite wrong for it... For now I'll use arcade/golf...

(31 Jul '21, 18:34) gpserror

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