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The street data is long out of date for our area. How can I upload the current street data? It will be much quicker than trying to edit all the updates.

asked 15 Sep '10, 18:43

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Thanks for your answer. Sorry it's been so long in replying. I create and maintain the data for the municipality I'd like to update so all copyrights are "mine".

(23 Nov '10, 15:15) Sven1958

Hello Sven,

Can ytou describe in which way you deliver your data and knowledge to the municipality. Is it a paper map, shape files, coordinates in a gpx-file?

And because this topic might go to much in details perhabp can be a better place for helping.

(23 Nov '10, 19:23) stephan75

The data would be in shp file format that I maintain as an employee. We'd like to have the best available data available to the public.

(23 Nov '10, 22:14) Sven1958


I also have up to date street data that we derived from our own aerial imagery. I would like to add it to OSM because the base for our area is at least 7 to 10 years out of date. I also have building footprints for the area. all data is updated at least yearly by photo mechanical means.

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answered 08 Dec '10, 21:15

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UA Land
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The best thing that you can do as an authoritative publisher of Open Data is to publish your data under a permissive license like the PDDL so that your data is open to everybody with an interest in the data. When you publish the data, make sure that the license is prominently placed so that questions of "How may I use this data? What rights do I have to use this data?" are answered quickly by the license and not slowly by your municipality help desk. Or even worse, never answered because somebody chose not to ask.

Next, follow the other best practices of Municipal Open Data by publishing in an open format, using version numbers, and announcing updates via mailing list, RSS feeds, history / changes files.

Inclusion of your data in OpenStreetMap should fall to local mappers who will not just import it once, but will maintain it over time. Your question even hints at this answer as the current data in your area is out of date. At one point that data was seen as good enough to import. Another person could easily ask the same question about replacing your data some time down the road should no local mapper choose to adopt and maintain it.

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answered 24 Nov '10, 16:34

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Richard Weait
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What is the origin of your "current street data"? Did you get the new ways and objects by tracking all the ways with a GPS device or by taking them legaly from the yahoo satellite images (!_Aerial_Imagery ) that we are allowed to use?

You are not allowed to take data from any source where you might break the copyright or licence of the owner, like GoogleMaps or similar.

So when you tell us more about your data, we can show you the best way to add it to the OSM data.

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answered 15 Sep '10, 19:04

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