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I was hoping someone could please help.

I need to collect data for a project i have which looks at all the states a route goes through.

For example going from Jacksonville Florida to Lexington Kentucky the route would go through: Georgia Tennessee

I have over 100 routes and to look and write down each state a route goes through manually wouldn't be time effective so i wanted to see if there's a better way.

Is there a way i am able to get an output of this data from this site or another site base on the different origin and destination i have please?

I would be grateful for your help, suggestion and guidance.

Thank you.

asked 28 Jul '21, 04:51

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If you are looking for web service that magically solves your problem - I'm afraid I don't know any.

What needs to be done is:

  • download the routes from a suitable routing engine, ideally in GeoJSON format (observe potential usage policies - but 100 routes, if queried with a little delay, shouldn't be an issue
  • prepare a data set with state boundaries - you can get them from OSM but it's probably easier to find a shape file on a random web site
  • have the computer detect which state polygons intersect with the route

One way to automate this is loading your routes and state boundaries into a PostGIS database. Then (let's assume you have loaded the routes with an ID into a "routes" table and the states with their names into a "states" table) the database can do the work for you with a simple query like

FROM routes, states
WHERE ST_Intersects(routes.geom, states.geom)
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answered 28 Jul '21, 11:31

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Thank you very much for your suggestion and advice!

I appreciate it!

(29 Jul '21, 04:37) Studnt123

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