Hello - there's a small error that in the traffic scheme that I can't figure out how to fix near the Hollywood Bowl....it's causing a really painful mis-routing in Mapbox. Is there someone who might be able to jump on the phone for a couple minutes to coach me? My name is Ric - rcarthur@gmail.com


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Where exactly are we talking? Like, do you have a link on OSM to the specific location and a description of what's happening?

(24 Jul, 03:18) Baloo Uriza

There is a US slack, and US and California specific mailing lists if you want to target some more local channels.

(24 Jul, 03:26) InsertUser

I'm quite familiar with the area, but that familiarity is also leading to my bewilderment with how vague this location description is relative to how detailed a map needs to be for navigation to be automatable.

Ric, could you please reply to the thread?

(24 Jul, 21:34) Baloo Uriza

Thanks so much, Baloo! I'm on this map: https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=17/34.11165/-118.33544

Also - many thanks for the recommendation to join Slack. I took your advice there.

(24 Jul, 21:46) WayfarerJourney

Over the last 18 hours...I made a bunch of corrections to the traffic scheme to adjust things that were clearly incorrect. I'm not sure if I've actually solved the issue that is causing me a problem with the routing directions that are being rendered in my application (www.WayfarerJourney.com)via Mapbox. Right now, I'm pausing work on this to allow the APIs to Mapbox to catch up.

(24 Jul, 21:50) WayfarerJourney

OK, so what's the behavior you're getting and what's the expected behavior?

(24 Jul, 22:05) Baloo Uriza

A screen grab of the routing and a note of what routing should show would allow us to see the junction and inspect the tagging.

(25 Jul, 11:55) andy mackey
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