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I'm using the MapQuest Geocoder API for an integrated Maps component in my application. The address "Savelveld 25, 6039 SB, Stramproy" is displayed in America while this is an address in The Netherlands. The coordinates are being generated incorrectly by the API.

Input: "Savelveld 25, 6039 SB, Stramproy" Output: { "CoordSets": [ [ { "Lon": "-100.445882", "Lat": "39.78373" } ] ] }

The correct output should be: { "CoordSets": [ [ { "Lon": "5.711368", "Lat": "51.200246" } ] ] }

Can you please let me know how we can make these coordinates correct in the so ? Is there someone from the development team who can change it into the source code?

asked 14 Jul '21, 09:25

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This is not MapQuest's developer support desk, you should probably contact them.

(14 Jul '21, 09:58) Richard ♦

To make Richards answers clear Mapquest stopped using OSM data directly a long time ago and may not be using any at all at this point in time. At least at times the services were provided by mapbox, but in any case you are completely wrong here and need to talk to mapquest.

(17 Jul '21, 17:26) SimonPoole ♦

Nominatim would find the address, if you delete the space in 6039 SB, example:

but does not find the address if the space is included:

The dutch postcode search at shows that Dutch postcodes should be written without a space, but I'm not sure about the definition of postcode patterns in the Netherlands, so this should probably be discussed/asked with the Dutch OSM community at the Dutch mailinglist at or the Dutch forums at . If both patterns are correct, it would be an issue for nominatim.

Regarding the wrong U.S. response by Mapquest: that's sth. you should bring up at Mapquest.

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answered 14 Jul '21, 10:03

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