I remember having been able to find and select a background with contours to appear via a PFkey.

Cannot find it anymore. Is it impossible, gone, or is it just an old man's inability to find it again?

asked 08 Jul, 20:27

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Found it myself: set one of the function keys to use OpenTopoMap as background.

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answered 20 Jul, 19:13

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Wonderful! Go ahead and accept your own answer; there's a special badge for it ;)

(2 days ago) jmapb

Could and cannot find that special badge. Only found and used "Answer your own question".

(2 days ago) andershl

Once you've added an answer, there should be an "accept this answer" button next to the answer.

The "Self Learner" badge is just a silly thing you get on your profile page for having accepted your own answer to your own question (if that answer's been upvoted by others.)

(2 days ago) jmapb

@jmapb I didn't think OSQA allowed you to accept your own answer? I normally tick the box (as a moderator) for people who are obviously happy with their own answer. I'll do this one too...

(edit) Actually, I can accept an answer of mine to a question of mine, but as I'm a moderator, it doesn't really prove anything.

(2 days ago) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse Ah, my mistake, I remember answering my own years ago but probably you did the accepting.

(2 days ago) jmapb
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