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I'm attempting to map a bus stop that's used by two different bus networks, each of which calls the stop by a different name. I'd like to avoid overloading the name tag with multiple values, but none of the variant tags suggested on the wiki seem appropriate. Would it be appropriate to use something like name:network1=name1 and name:network2=name2?

asked 08 Jul '21, 16:20

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I already met this kind of stop, I use two nodes in order to have a good routing for both networks. Let say that we could have one shelter (or one pole) with two nodes bus_stop.

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answered 08 Jul '21, 18:42

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Hmmm, that seems...inelegant to me. But it may very well be the best way to handle routing for both networks.

(08 Jul '21, 20:16) Itserpol

This is a frequent case in Belgium. When this happens, we use a prefix to the name tag. For instance name:De_Lijn=Elsene Triomf while selecting one of the names—typically the major operator—as the main name.

The only drawback is that your app must be aware of those prefixes and parse them appropriately when presenting the information to end users.

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answered 09 Jul '21, 09:39

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