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I see that you have a Hungarian user group but the Hungarian part dearly misses a number of tourist paths. The Buda mountains seem to be better but the mark colours are missing. I am aware of missing routen is the Mátra and I just checked that the Pilis (close to Budapest and a popular place) is also not covered sufficiently. I am not making maps and I do not live in Hungary now, I just go home ocassionally and make excursions there from time to time. There is, however, a similar project: www., which is also free and has better information. I would propose you try to co-operate with them. You can contact them on

I have another problem. I am using Open hiking map on a PDA but I am fairly reluctant to use it with an internet connection on the way through the GSM provider as this can be prohibitively expensive. So I try to download the are I am visiting before I start. But sometimes I exceed the threshold of set number of tiles and I gat thi "bulk download" message. How can I estimate to stay under the limit? Of course I download sometimes bigger areas not to have to download again when I go to the neighbouring village next time.

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asked 22 Sep '11, 20:29

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Good idea. You can contact them on

Bulk downloading tiles is discouraged. You can setup your own tile renderer or use a program that supports vector maps.

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answered 22 Sep '11, 21:31

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"I would propose you try to co-operate with them."

Good to hear from you. However, this site is for asking questions, not making suggestions. It would be better for you to make your suggestion on the Hungarian OSM mailing list, .

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answered 23 Sep '11, 11:43

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  1. It is an ongoing debate for years with, since they use the most possible restrictive license, which basically allows you nothing else than viewing their map; no printing, no saving, no copying, no derivative works, just to name a few. It has been tried several times to discuss with MGCE and the tuhu community but there were no results. It's a "forget-about-it" kind of problem.

  2. If you need large areas you better try offline maps using vector data. I'm using Locus and OSMand on Android and both handle offline vector data very well, and the display is either customisable or you can look around for styles enhancing hiking routes / ski slopes / whatever you need.

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answered 15 Feb '13, 09:11

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To update the topic here's a completely difrerent answer. :-)

On 2015-02-01 have changed their closed licensing to ODbL and OSM have started to integrate their data into the DB (as well as offering its data for their use in return). You may see lots of data in OSM based on TuHu road information as well as some pretty outdated info begging to be resurveyed.

Overall OSM hiking coverage got better in some low traffic hiking areas.

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answered 29 Jun '16, 23:55

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