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I am trying to create a routing system for a school using a minimum number of vehicles. But the problem is that it not only involves time windows but also capacity constraints. Also starting no. of vehicles and location is unknown. So, I have to just work with customer locations and the time by which they should reach the school.

I wanted to know if someone has worked on something similar before or any open-source solution is available to resolve this issue that resembles mine like google OR-Tools etc.

Edit I am looking for an opensource python-based solution

asked 07 Jul '21, 11:24

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Have a look at jsprit, the optimisation component of Graphhopper.

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answered 07 Jul '21, 13:03

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sorry, I couldn't mention earlier, that I am looking for something in python

(08 Jul '21, 13:44) vsaadnet

Mapotempo might help you. It's commercial and opensource.

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answered 07 Jul '21, 13:37

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it's not opensource

(08 Jul '21, 13:46) vsaadnet

They claim otherwise. And they share their code on Github.

(08 Jul '21, 15:08) TZorn

Thanks for pointing out Mapotempo. If I may bring more precision, We have multiple projects which are or were open source.

First, Mapotempo-Web is a web application. It was open-source, but it is not anymore as we focus on sharing general purpose micro-services instead.

In your case @vsaadnet, you probably need Optimizer-API which provide a wrapper towards OR-Tools and VROOM. It also provides multiple internal resolution methods. This project in entirely open source. You can transmit your problem in JSON

If you only need a wrapper to use OR-Tools, we also provide this project The exchange format is in Protobuf

(06 Sep '21, 10:17) Sheeplieder

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