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Is there a way to generate offline overlays maps with roads and pathways only? (Key:highway=*) I want to use it in an Android app to extend older raster maps.

Preferably in RMaps SQLite Maps (*.sqlitedb) format. (Using Alpinequest)

It doesn't need to be offline, but I have not yet found a tile server that does highway only. There is but it shows waymarked trails only.

asked 05 Jul '21, 14:10

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This probably is nowhere near the best solution, but OsmAnd allows raster map backgrounds with a highway overlay and is open source.

If you already have a way of generating the tiles you need, but need a way of excluding certain features, there are tools like osmosis and osmium for filtering data before you feed it into your tile generator.

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answered 07 Jul '21, 19:07

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I was not able to find any setting that allows OsmAnd to overlay highways only, can you please elaborate?

(09 Jul '21, 10:07) knix

In OsmAnd you need to:

  1. Enable the online maps plugin.
  2. In the Configure Map dialogue:
  3. enable an Underlay map
  4. suppress undesired features under the Hide menu.

The description for the Online maps plugin mentions that it can display tiles pre-packaged as a SQLite database and dropped in the data folder (Googled tutoiral), I'm not sure if it can be configured to point at another online provider.

(09 Jul '21, 12:59) InsertUser

Adding a new online map source now seems to be something like:

Menu / Configure Map / Map source / Add

Either enter details for a new one or "select existing". Edit and save

example URL{0}/{1}/{2}.png

min zoom 0 max zoom 24 don't tick "elliptic mercator"

(those last settings will vary by site of course)

(09 Jul '21, 13:25) SomeoneElse ♦

I'm still not able to follow. I have no problem to add online sources or custom maps. That's not what am asking for.
I have set my own map as default map and OSM online as Underlay. Then Hiding features in the "Hide" menu does nothing.

(09 Jul '21, 14:08) knix

The original question was a way to have OSM roads over raster maps on Android. Offline rendering in OsmAnd uses OSM data and always considers itself to be the middle, so if you want OSM over your raster tiles you need to set your raster tiles to be "underlay". This will then default to suppressing area rendering but not building or highway rendering (buildings can be suppressed in the hide menu). You will have to have downloaded the OsmAnd map for the country/region you are in for offline rendering to work.

(09 Jul '21, 15:19) InsertUser

Ok, thanks I got it work, I had to disable "Show polygons" on the underlay map. Here is the complete steps

  1. Set Mapsource = Offline vector maps

  2. Overlay map = none

  3. Underlay map = Your map (Disable "Show polygons")

  4. Map style = OsmAnd

  5. Hide = Enable everything except "Overground objects"

(09 Jul '21, 17:18) knix
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