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Hi, I'm an editor from Catalan Wikipedia and I have seen on Wikipedias that we use Wikidata for the articles, the maps we use to represent countries come from here, OpenStreetMap. The problem is that I have seen that the map of Morocco is the official version of Morocco itself, which is not recognised by most of the countries in the world, neither the United Nations nor the International Court of Justice. Would it be possible to create at least a version consisting of Morocco without the unrecognised annexation of Western Sahara? Thank you

asked 02 Jul '21, 12:51

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"Following the UN" seems to be an unusual choice here?

I note that the English wikipedia article for Taiwan notes the UN's stance there but doesn't follow it in the article; it also looks (I'm reading via translation) that the CA one doesn't either.

(02 Jul '21, 15:28) SomeoneElse ♦

There will never be a guarantee that any boundary that OSM has coincides with the version propagated by the UN or the ICJ or anyone else. If you want your Wikipedia article to point to the boundary propagated by the UN then you must point to a UN web site and not to OpenStreetMap.

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answered 02 Jul '21, 15:07

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More about the policy that OSM follows here can be read at .

(02 Jul '21, 15:23) SomeoneElse ♦

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