I downloaded the cycleway layer from Geofabrik as a shapefile and was using it in ArcGIS.

On OSM I can see attributes like width, pavement type, etc.

However, in ArcGIS attribute data table I see none of this.

How can I access that attribute data for the cycleway layer?

asked 28 Jun, 15:12

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Can you clarify exactly what you downloaded and from where? As far as I know, the data extracts from Geofabrik are arranged by geographic region and contain all of the OSM data for that region with all tags included. I can't find a cycling-specific extract on their site.

(28 Jun, 17:42) alester

I downloaded washington-latest-free.shp.zip from Geofabrik (https://download.geofabrik.de/north-america/us/washington.html). This is for the entire Washington State in U.S. And yes, I did get what looks to be all of the OSM data for that region. However, the roads layer that was within that file has different attributes than the fields/attributes you see when editing within OSM. For example, I can add a width in OSM when editing a cycleway. But in the shapefile attribute table in ArcGIS, I see no 'width' field. So I'm curious, OSM obviously has attributes for certain cycleways (ex. width) but I can't see it in ArcGIS even after downloading the entire dataset. So where would I access these attributes?

(28 Jun, 18:06) juradoN
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