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Is it still possible to get OSM maps for a Garmin hiking GPS? The OSM server is not working, and apparently has not been working for some time. I used to be able to select the tiles for a place I planned to go and download them to install on the GPS, but that is not possible now. I can only download the map for a whole country, and that's too large to fit on the GPS. And even then, there's a 2-month wait for the download.

asked 26 Jun '21, 19:15

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What Garmin device are you using and what source were you hoping to use?

(26 Jun '21, 19:33) andy mackey

etrex 32x.

I was hoping to use , which I've used in the past.

(26 Jun '21, 20:30) Geneal

The Etrex32x has 8GB onboard and can take micro SD cards. I have used opentopomap a few times they do Garmin map downloads that will fit on a micro SD.

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answered 26 Jun '21, 20:58

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andy mackey
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Thanks, Andy. I don't know how to get a micro SD card into the etrex 32x, but I could probably learn that. I'd also have to figure out how to get a map onto an SD card.

I've also never loaded maps other than what I get from OSM. Do you know whether these maps are suitable for geocaching? I'm used to getting a resolution of a few meters, and often need it.

(26 Jun '21, 21:17) Geneal
(26 Jun '21, 23:03) andy mackey

Thanks to andy mackey for the link to I've downloaded the countries I need, which fit on the existing card after I removed two large files that served no purpose for me. I'll get used to the different map style.

I did try adding a second SD card, but it was a 32GB one that my son-in-law happened to have available. The Garmin wouldn't mount as a volume (or two volumes) on my computer with the large card in place, so that led nowhere. I assume the 32x won't work with an added SD card larger than 8GB, so if I need something larger I'll get an 8GB one. I've returned the 32GB one.

Thanks also to SomeoneElse for the link to the thread about the disappearance of Lambertus. I don't have the time and patience to read all 126 pages, but I get the idea. Looks like nobody knows who Lambertus is/was, so we can't be sure, but the timing of the abandonment of strongly suggests that this site may have succumbed to the coronavirus.


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answered 30 Jun '21, 12:12

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I think the site was already lacking regular maintenance long before Covid. AFAIK, events in real life got in the way of keeping the site going. Like many OSM-related sites it's run by a volunteer as a hobby.

(30 Jun '21, 14:46) SK53 ♦

I know I successfully downloaded tiles from OSM in January 2020, and the site was behaving normally, so it couldn't have been long before Covid.

(30 Jun '21, 15:50) Geneal

The site does a good description of putting a map on a Garmin even though it's cycle related.

(30 Jun '21, 20:22) andy mackey

But it relies on OSM. Also, it's curious that the eTrex series, of which I have the latest (I think) model, is not mentioned as being supported, but it's also not mentioned as being unsupported. What he describes is basically what I used to do. And note that by 8 months after this article was published, it was already obsolete. Unless maybe the alternative server mentioned still has the OSM tiles available, even if they haven't been updated in over a year.

(30 Jun '21, 21:56) Geneal

OSM map data is gathered by the contributors to openstreetmap. The independent web sites that offer free Garmin maps use the this free data to build maps of various styles. These websites need some income to pay for hosting. Some have ads, some ask for donations, updates take time so it isn't surprising some of these generous map builders do not have the time to keep them going. Try this list to see what is available.

(02 Jul '21, 08:45) andy mackey

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