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Should I merge existing address nodes to new buildings in New York State, USA? Is there a consensus, or can I do whatever I want with them?

asked 15 Jun '21, 00:28

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Hello furball, fellow NY mapper here!

The easy answer is: Yes, if you have a building (either an existing one or one that you're adding yourself) and an address node that you believe has the correct address for that building (if it's a single-address building) then it's a good idea to merge that address node into the building.

The NY-specific angle is that we've just had a statewide import of addresses from New York State's open data address database completed by OSM user dead10ck, and the best practices for dealing with these new addresses are still being worked out. You can read about the process at Note the section on QA -- many of the imported addresses are tagged with a nysgissam:review tag that indicates the need for manual review.

This wiki page will continue evolving as the NY mapping community gets more experience with this address import.

Feel free to contact me with any specific questions, jmapb

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answered 15 Jun '21, 03:50

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