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I'm trying to add barriers on a path but they don't show up on the map:



Any reason why?

asked 13 Jun '21, 18:23

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barrier=wall is meant for ways (lines). Like when a wall enclose a garden, or anything.

To mark a barrier on a path, you have to look at this list of point barriers to find one that match the ground.

For 8812448665, I see a barrier=chain, and for 8812448662 I can't see anything, except signage.

Also, from what I see, it's not access=no, but more like motor_vehicle=no (already specified on the ways) and bicycle=no (which is contrary to what's specified on the ways). So you should also modify the ways, so the routers know about the restriction.


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answered 13 Jun '21, 19:23

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It's a temporary wall, around 3 meters high, as wide as the path, made of sheet metal that prevents access from anyone (pedestrians included).

Should I go with barrier=block?

(13 Jun '21, 19:43) nryc

Alright, I get it now. ;-)

I'm afraid I've got no better idea, only barrier=yes, simple and unspecific... You could add material=metal, just for fun.

You should also add a note or description tag, so that other mappers (note) or users (description) will understand that it's a temporary measure, and recent so not visible on imagery and such.

(13 Jun '21, 20:18) H_mlet

Unfortunately, barrier=yes is still not showing up on the map.

(13 Jun '21, 20:32) nryc

Well, it seems to be on purpose (https://www.gitmemory.com/issue/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/4229/718939078).

You could map the wall as a line, few meters long, across the path. It would display as a thick line. But I'm not sure it will block routers though. Or you just cut the path under the wall...

Maybe barrier=block is the best option, even if it could be called tagging for the renderer.

Or you could relaunch the discussion on the subject of barrier=wall on node objects, but I'm sure I've read it several times before, with no good conclusion... ;-)

Sorry for the lack of good options.

(13 Jun '21, 20:57) H_mlet
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