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Hi all,

I am using Osmium to extract data from a europe_latest.pbf file.

I am trying to find the correct request in order to map the International, National, Regional and Local bike routes as presented on the CyclOSM website:

I have not figured it out yet. I tried requests such as osmium tags-filter data/_pbf/europe-latest.osm.pbf wr/route=bicycle wr/network=icn -o data/_osm/europe_cycleways_int.osm but the export file is very huge. It seems it is not filtered as the multitagging would suggest.

Have someone already tried working on cycling routes with Osmium?

Thank you for your time.

asked 03 Jun '21, 16:08

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Lina Kortobi
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Not sure what you mean with "very huge". When you ask for the all bicycle routes you'll get lots of roads over which those routes go, so that is quite a bit of data. So that seems normal. Not sure also what you mean with "multitagging". It seems you need to familiarize yourself a bit more with the OSM data model. Have a look at the -R and -t options, maybe one or the other is what you need.

(04 Jun '21, 09:36) Jochen Topf

By multitagging I meant using the osmium tool to filter the request. In the example above, when I type wr/route=bicycle wr/network=icn, I want it to understand there is an 'and' between the tags - bicycle routes and international networks which would export only the international bicycle routes. However, I end up with all of them, and some of them are not even bicycle routes in my extract.

(04 Jun '21, 09:43) Lina Kortobi

It seems to me that osmium tags-filter do OR not AND. You can however do what you want in two passes, which would be efficient if you want international, national and regional routes in separate files.

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answered 06 Jun '21, 18:17

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Thank you for your help! What would exactly be doing it in two passes?

(07 Jun '21, 10:05) Lina Kortobi

Create a first file containing all route=bicycle, then filter this file with network=icn.

(07 Jun '21, 10:11) yvecai

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