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Hi I want to geotag my old photos I took while out surveying for OSM. The easiest way to do this appears to be by dragging 'n' dropping onto a map. Most options require a GPX trace to tag the time the photo was taken, but I'm only really interested in their locations. I'm using Windows & would prefer if it was cheap (well, free).

asked 21 May '21, 23:08

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If you have a suitable Garmin, or Garmin-compatible, map for your region, you can drag and drop photos (jpgs) onto the map and Basecamp will tag them with the lat and lon.

Basecamp is a free program from Garmin that manages GPX data and interfaces with Garmin devices.

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answered 22 May '21, 06:05

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Wow, BaseCamp actually does something useful. Who knew? Thanks for letting me know. If only it would let me amend the date of tracks using the same format it downloaded them from my GPSr.

(22 May '21, 17:24) DaveF

The only drawback, easy to fix, is that it includes the images in your Basecamp database. After I geocode them and the coords are visible in the EXIFs, I go to the filter menu in the left-hand panel in Basecamp, select the images and delete them.

(23 May '21, 02:27) AlaskaDave

By the way, if you wish to manipulate dates or other track-related stuff, download a free copy of gpsbabel. It's a powerful command-line-driven program that can change any part of a GPS track. I'd be willing to bet it can do the job. It might take some experimenting to get what you want but it's a cool program.

(09 May '22, 16:53) AlaskaDave

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