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My community just renamed several roads and changes many of the addresses on each of these roads. I have a breakdown of the changes but is anyone able to help get these changes made?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

asked 21 May '21, 03:11

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Hi, If you could provide links to the problem roads someone could take a look.

You (padams89), have successfully changed Squaw Run Road to Hemlock Hollow Road and also Squaw Run Road East to Riding Meadow Road.

I'll try to help out if you wish.

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answered 21 May '21, 07:42

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Thanks BCNorwich!

I did make the Hemlock Hollow Rd and Riding Meadow Changes but there are numerous others affecting individual addresses that I will need help with due to both volume and expertise map editing.

I attached an image of the address by address updates. The street number changes are due to updates to comply with NENA (National Emergency Number Association) standards to help emergency response. All of the white spaces are due to redactions in ownership information I made to protect people's individual privacy. All of the information can also be verified on the county's GIS website: The roads are presently dual named but individual addresses reflect the new name only.

I appreciate any assistance you are able to provide!alt text

(25 May '21, 02:25) padams89

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