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I have added a new address last week: However, it cannot befound: Works on Google Maps:

Here are my changes:

asked 17 May '21, 06:56

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I notice that you have addr:street=Hällberga Knutstorp , but there seems to be no street mapped with that name. If this is really a street name it should be in the name= tag of the relevant street. If it is the name of a building then addr:housename may be more appropriate.

I don't know for sure if this is the reason the search engine does not find this address.

(17 May '21, 08:48) alan_gr

I do think that @alan_gr is right. You have added "Hällberga Knutstorp" as a street address to the building, but the street is not in the OpenStreetMap database. You also have not provided a house number, but addressed in Sweden usually have one. Nominatim search is a lot less fuzzy than Google Maps search. If you search for a string like the one above it will think that this string is the name of an object (street, bulding, river, whatever). It can find no object with such a name, it will not give results.

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answered 18 May '21, 14:56

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From that site I would rather assume (Hällberga) Knutstorp is the name of the small hamlet. Hällberga Knutstorp is not the name of the adjacent street (which might not have one).

If that is the case you could add a node next to the building with:

Then change the addr:* tags to:

Don't use the street and housenumber tags. Specifically do not use addr:housenumber=Hällberga Knutstorp as you have done now. That is not a house number at all.

In fact, there is no street name sign at that street leading to Knutstorp. So unless you have other evidence that the street is named Hällberga Knutstorp don't tag the street like that. We should map reality and not something to make the search engine find an object.

(19 May '21, 12:00) TZorn

Even if that is the correct address, it may not be tagged correctly. What kind of object is Hällberga Knutstorp? You have used this in the address:street tag, this only makes sense if there is actually a street with that name, which there doesn't seem to be.

I see you have also added this in addr:housenumber, that probably won't work as it is not a number. As I mentioned above, addr:housename may be suitable, if Hällberga Knutstorp is in fact the name of a house (or building or similar object).

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answered 19 May '21, 11:56

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