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How can I tag a shop like this?

It is a shop selling only pottery which is produced locally. All available tags for shops (furniture, art, souvenirs) seem to not work out here. These things are nice souvenirs, but hardly any tourists come by. They are some kind of furniture, but not really. Although they are very nice, these things don't have any sophisticated value of art.

Currently, I tagged it as amenity=marketplace, but I am not really satisfied with it.

I am also asking this question, because I guess there are many shops like this in the world, selling local handycraft, and there seems no appropriate tag for it. Maybe should I suggest one in the Wiki?

asked 20 Sep '11, 07:26

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moszkva ter
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The wiki is always a good place to look for tags. Searching for pottery yields craft=pottey as a result. Another place to look for this tag is taginfo which shows 82 objects tagged as craft=pottery and 69 tagged as shop=pottery. However the latter has never been approved so I suggest to tag it as craft=pottery and remove the amenity=marketplace tag which is wrong.

The craft key is relatively new and has lots of values for locally produced goods and handicraft. Unfortunately it doesn't get rendered so far, but this will probably change.

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answered 20 Sep '11, 08:21

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scai ♦
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thanks for the help. Sorry for not looking through the wiki well enough, I was fixed on the "shop"-feature. I now tagged it craft=pottery and shop=souvenir together, as it resembles imho the nature of this shop in the best way.

(20 Sep '11, 10:10) moszkva ter

I wouldn't worry AT ALL about the approvals process - all that means is that some people who frequent the wiki thought that it was a good idea, and unfortunately there's often a disconnect between "what wiki editors think" and "what mappers map".

"taginfo", however, is an excellent place to go in order to see what other people are actually tagging stuff as.

(20 Sep '11, 12:35) SomeoneElse ♦

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