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Dear Yohann,

sorry to bother you, but in one thread of the OSM help forum your name was recommended.

Some time ago I created in UMAP a map of my own (unfortunately without registration) dealing with the properties of the former monastery Mariazell in Austria (“Grundherrschaft Mariazell”):

Unfortunately the secret edit link has got lost and I cannot edit the map anymore. Moreover the colours of some points have changed in the meanwhile (but that is not the really serious problem).

In the meanwhile I have registered in OSM, too, my user name is: TAigner.

May I ask you to help me and restore my edit link?

This would mean very much to me and save my research project.

All the best and thanks in advance, Thomas

asked 13 May '21, 15:23

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Hi TAigner. This is the wrong channel to contact Yohan. Maybe you can try message him on his OSM account or on Twitter.

(14 May '21, 20:04) TZorn

Thank you for letting me know.

The problem has been fixed in the meanwhile.

All the best Thomas

(14 May '21, 20:14) TAigner

I am not an expert but in this answer to a previous similar question, it says that it's possible to recreate a uMap by sharing the old one (that is by choosing to download it fully as a file with extension umap) and then importing that file to a new empty map.

This may solve your problem without the burden to retrieve the secret edit link.

permanent link

answered 14 May '21, 19:00

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Thank you so much!

(14 May '21, 20:00) TAigner

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