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Do we have an established tag for security booths or guard huts at an entrance to a property? They will often have either the controls for a nearby gate or convenient access for a guard.

There is an abandoned proposal for amenity=security booth, but other than that the closest seems to be building=gatehouse, which serve a similar purpose in a completely different form and barrier=toll_booth which often have a similar form but different function.

I might be blanking on a fairly obvious synonym as these seem reasonably common to me. For now I have tagged as building=kiosk which fits the form quite well, but doesn't represent the function.

asked 09 May '21, 23:41

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I've been curious about this too, in my city there are guard booths at the gate at the city park, nobody stands there, but still, not sure how to tag it. so far only tagged it as building=yes. those only have room for one person. Very different to what you mention here. but I also wondered about those.

(01 Jul '22, 23:41) mtbboy1993

I did a bit of analysis of this a while back. Two separate tags seem to be widely used: gatehouse & guardhouse. I'm strongly in favour of the latter, because gatehouses can also be elaborate multistorey buildings, often of significant heritage value, such as this one: or the many found around Oxford & Cambridge colletes.

(03 Jul '22, 16:56) SK53 ♦

The UK and the USA may have these for military use.

(08 Jul '22, 17:26) andy mackey

I've tagged these ---a structure typically at an entrance that houses security with a barrier=lift_gate / =gate--- as 'building=guardhouse` -> an example. On a micro-mapping level another example; a seperate 'guardhouse' from the adjacent 'roof' (since in this case the 'ways' are not 'building_passage' but 'covered=roof') ---the structure is open on three sides with only the guard_house at the centre.

(09 Jul '22, 09:21) arkriger

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