Hello, I need a fully mapped city to make a presentation on POI search, can you tell me at least one.

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It might help to explain what sort of features you are interested in - every traffic light? Every tree?

(09 May, 17:24) SomeoneElse ♦

How big has it to be, 5 or 1 milj, or 10.000 inh. ?

(09 May, 17:30) Hendrikklaas

Sorry, I put the question wrong. To avoid burdening the servers with too complex queries I need to perform offline searches by downloading the maps from geofabrik.de. The problem is that by carrying out some tests I found that in my city the results are few because the city field is null. Instead with https://overpass-turbo.eu/ the data comes out because it takes the geographical coordinates of the geographical limit of the city (which unfortunately does not have a rectangular extension).

(09 May, 19:21) Lorenzopandolfo

Indeed, the address tags are not so often completed on POIs. So, you want to know how to perform an offline search in a city, against a file of a larger area ? Maybe you should ask a new question, with more details, at least the tool you use for the offline search.

(09 May, 21:43) H_mlet

I've read and re-read your "Sorry, I put the question wrong" text, and now I have no idea at all what you want to do! As H_mlet says, please ask a new question with lots of detail about exactly what you want to do.

(09 May, 22:12) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks, I rephrased a new question with more detailed details.

(10 May, 06:12) Lorenzopandolfo
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I'd say most European capitals are well mapped, as well as most cities I have visited.

As for "fully mapped", I'm afraid it's a concept that doesn't apply to OSM. One can always add details, refine geometries, update POIs, etc.


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