E-Domizil, a site where people can find holiday houses/rooms etc uses OpenStreetMaps. Some of the notifications are completely wrong: e.g. swimming pool is mentioned to be approx. 9 Km further away instead of couple of 100's meters from center, as is the Curling facility (there is a new sportarena, since couple of years) also many named 20Km away instead of in this village, couple 100meters from the center. Also the tennis courts, some 200 meter from the center are directed to be approx. 10km away. E-Domizil says it's the information from OpenStreetMaps they use.

If i search on OpenStreetMaps to Adelboden AND swimming pool, the correct place is found. What to do since i want to give people who rent the correct information!

Thanks, Robert

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Thanks everybody for help and input. I will completely leave it up to the organisation where we at the end pay for correct information, e-domizil. And send them all information that came in thru this way and additions on the map as done recently. Succes with this enterprise! Robert

(08 May, 09:57) ermeel

Well, if the information on OpenStreetMap (without a s at the end!) is correct then there is nothing we can do about it. Either E-Domizil isn't telling you the truth and the information does come from a different source. Or they fail to extract this information from OpenStreetMap correctly. Either way, you need to tell them to fix this problem.

If information on OpenStreetMap is missing (I can't find tennis or curling, but there is a bowling alley) then you can simply add it yourself.

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Thank you very much SCAI for answering on my request! Without an 'S', of course, sorry. With your answer i hopefully can go on. Problem is that E-Domizil uses 'OpenStreetMap', and i pay E-Domizil to my ad on their site. Now i am struggling with how to change things. You gave me some tips, thanks. Just for your view i ad the link to my ad on E-Domizil. The text on where to find the Swimming Pool, Culing (indeed, a new sportarena including Bowling) and Tennis can be found just under the picture of the map. Robert


The data shown is from OpenStreetMap. The shown environment may look different in the meantime. The position of the object may differ from the displayed location. No liability is assumed for the timeliness of the data. In the surroundings Aussichtspunkt (Höi-Turm) 3.8 km Aussichtspunkt (Taubenfels) 0.7 km Eislaufen (Curling) 20.8 km Eislaufen (Patinoire d'Ycoor) 20.8 km Fahrradgeschäft (Büschelen Bikesport & More) 0.5 km Fahrradgeschäft (Fuhrer Radsport) 12.3 km Golf (Golfclub Gstaad Saanenland) 17.8 km Golf (Golfclub Gstaad Saanenland) 17.4 km Krankenhaus (Rehazentrum) 13.5 km Krankenhaus (Spital Frutigen) 12.1 km Minigolf (Mini golf) 20.8 km Minigolf (Mini-golf Ycoor) 20.9 km Monument (Berghaus Tschentenalp) 1.5 km Monument (Bundesratsbunker Führungsanlage K20) 8.1 km Schwimmen (Wallbach Bad) 9.9 km Schwimmen (Wallbach Bad) 9.9 km Tennis (Tennisplatz) 9.8 km Tennis (Tennisplatz) 8.5 km

(06 May, 10:22) ermeel

The Sportarena Adelboden was missing specific information that it was a sports centre, and many sports available there have not been specified. However, it is is unusual to map each sport activity in such centres individually (see the rather similar situation in Chateau d'Oex where only a limited suite of sports available at the Parc des Sports have been mapped https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/46.47372/7.12665: for instance, the area marked as tennis courts is an ice rink during the winter). There is scope of more detailed mapping but it often needs someone close by to be able to collect the information. Also other things which may be of interest to tourists, like the large wellness centre at the Parkhotel Bellevue are not mapped specifically.

I would suggest that you contact the Swiss OpenStreetMap Association (SOSM) directly. They have been supporting initiatives to help tourism businesses make use of OSM for several years now, and I think they would be interested in seeing how to solve this type of problem, because I suspect it is true of many alpine village resorts.

PS. I have limited experience as a tourist in Adelboden.

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One other point, the information on E-Domizil may be somewhat out-of-date: it points to tennis courts in Lenk, but courts in Adelboden were added 2 years ago.

(07 May, 20:57) SK53 ♦
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