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Hi guys, I made this edit almost 2 month ago. But it has not appeared so far on the map.I changed the tags ...reduced them ...!!! nothing happened...!!! why is that? it is very annoying....

Location: 37.4761370, 49.4472832

Novin Language Center

asked 19 Apr '21, 09:35

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edited 19 Apr '21, 10:57


It's node 8423395606.

(19 Apr '21, 10:37) TZorn

You can use Tracestrack map to see it:

(23 Apr '21, 23:07) strongwillow

It shows as a dot. Probably because language schools, or educational offices don't have specific icon in openstreetmap-carto yet. And the name probably doesn't appear because there is a lot of item in the area.

You should put back the amenity=language_school and other tags which seem relevant. We don't tag for the renderer, if the tags are right, the problem is on the renderer side.

You might want to add an name:en tag, probably replacing name:fa (the content of this tag looks like english to me).

You can try to reach the style developers, through the issue tracker, to see if they are willing to add an icon, maybe the same as others educational facilities...

It's all dependent on the default style, but other styles will have other rendering rules and icons set. And search engines should find the school anyway.


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answered 19 Apr '21, 13:17

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Dear @H_mlet

I had already replaced the name:fa with name:en before posting this message in here. I did not get your point in this regard. alt text

In the avenue , there is another similar language school with the exactly same data but we can see it as a dot with it name on the map!

So I think the only reason left is there are a lot of items in that area

is that right?

other similar center in that avenue with the same tag:

node #99438453

(19 Apr '21, 14:36) mobin2012

Indeed, I must have mixed the different versions.

In my browser there is a dot. It is probably a matter of time or of clearing the cache, before you get it too ! As for the name, yes I think it is a problem of space, the neighboring hairdresser doesn't have its name displayed either.


(19 Apr '21, 15:23) H_mlet

The standard map at does not show everything in the map data.

As far as I know office=educational institution (the current tagging) is not rendered, and neither is amenity=language_school (the previous tagging). There are quite a few language schools mapped as amenity=language_school near where I live, and none of them are displayed on this map. However other maps may display them - e.g. I have just checked Osmand and it displays an icon and the name for amenity=language_school.

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answered 19 Apr '21, 13:14

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